Kettering & District Samaritans Word Association Quiz - 30 April

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bluebell56 | 17:00 Fri 19th Mar 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Still struggling with the last one on this quiz. Anyone any ideas please.
No.33 5 M on J
Thank you.


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I'm beginning to wonder if this question is right. Anyone else doing this quiz?
Where can I get this from please bluebell?
From an earlier thread.

Send a stamped addressed envelope to:
Samaritans, 111 Montagu Street, Kettering. Northants. NN16 8XJ.
Pay by cheque on its return. Not available online.
I’m stuck on that one as well.
Jupiter has five primary moons but 75 others...
sorry, 74 others.
i thought that too P, 5 moons on Jupiter but it has a whole lot more,
I was also thinking of that!
Same here!
wonder if the clue should say of instead of on?
perhaps, but Jupiter has those othe moons.
... or maybe 5 MM on J (5 major moons...)
its a puzzle, lol
But still the language would be wrong. You wouldn't say one moon on earth.
5 MM of J??
Here's a bit of a flaky possibility :-

5 moves on Joystick (up, down,left,right,fire)
I too am stuck on this one, I thought of moons but they are not ON Jupiter but around it!!!!!
Yes, you'd say eg 5 mountains ON Jupiter [there aren't!] but not moons 'on'.

By the way I've searched for 5 mountains on every island beginning with J but none has specifically that number.

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Kettering & District Samaritans Word Association Quiz - 30 April

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