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kaccey | 13:49 Sat 13th Mar 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I know its early to be asking but these 2 are really getting to me

50 Bird unsuited to Ilkley Moor? (5)
51 Bird with colourful streamers (6,7)

I have 4 answers for 52 but an pretty sure none are right


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that should say I have 4 answers for 51
On Ilkley Moor Bahtat

There javing a hat would be unsuited
Another three letter word for hat + on
51 I have Y _ _ _ _ _ / B _ _ _ _ _ _

but there could easily be others!
yellow bunting
Question Author
JJ109 thats one of the answers I had but wasn't convinced it was right
51 I have that answer too. When I type yellow bunting into google masses of pictures of all forms of bunting in yellow appear. Don't get the same reply with other bunting birds e,g, indigo bunting.
If the b is wrong-
yellow hammer ?
Hammer is only 6 and not 7 - it also doesn't describe 'streamers'.
That's the wrong letter count
I’m still unsure about this one. There are lots of buntings, for example the indigo one (not just the yellow one), so I would have thought (hoped) they’d be more direction over which is right rather than a somewhat subjective view of which is most colourful..
I'm sure if you decided on a different colour it would be accepted.

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