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Lana69 | 23:21 Wed 24th Feb 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
12 Answers
15 First ensure your rice is edible 5
29 First ask Peter if Ann reads yet 6
39 Criminal gets cut short 5
All these answers are places people or animals may live. Thankyou


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Whats the theme?
sorry , just seen your last line
39 Villa(in)
'First' in a clue usually means look at the first letters.
a p i a r y
29 apiary - initial letters
Please can you help with
10 Please set the table(4)
20 No Ace (anagram) is this Ocean?
21 She takes menthol tablets (4)
32 Obstacle to the north (4)

I have answer that I don't really understand so it may well be wrong
25. Around rubbish container (5) I have 'Cabin'
20 Yes

21 Holt
25 is fine - CA (Circa/around) Bin
32. bar n
10 Sett
Thank you al for your help Sorry to hijack your post Lana69

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