Riddle Wiltshire Foods

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jobjockey | 16:02 Mon 22nd Feb 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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You buy me taken apart
to re-do what has been undone,
four of my pieces have one sharp edge
the rest have none
what am I ?


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Common answer giver online is Jigsaw but that doesn't feel right to me.
Jigsaw puzzle
Seems right to me. The four corners are sharp, all the other edges are smooth.
Jigsaw is probly right although edge should say corner to make it work better?
I think it's ok Mamyalynne, although sharp corners rather than edges would be more accurate.
But do answers have a food theme??
The four corner pieces on a usually shaped jigsaw have 2 straight edges and one corner.

Question Author
thanks for your help, I seem
to have got you puzzling.

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Riddle Wiltshire Foods

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