Fruits,Nuts And Veg. C/D 22 March

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mrsmaggot | 16:30 Fri 19th Feb 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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A few I’m not sure of here . Guidance appreciated
9) has a large stone. (5)( Mango? )
14) It’s seed was a 1974 film (8)
21 ) South American hickory (5) ( pecan?)
40) Cinderella’s coach (8) ( thought this was pumpkin ...but that’s only 7 )
81) Belonging to dandelion family (7) ( lettuce or salsify?)
93) Ever seen a straight one ? (6)
100) hybrid mutant (10) ( possibly loganberry or breadfruit ?)


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14 Tamarind
14 tamarind, think spelt it right...
40 Even Charles Perrault in 1697 had the coach as a pumpkin, but there have been many versions.
9 Could be mango or peach.
Pecan looks ok.
81, chicory
40. think this must be a mistake in the letter count and should be 7 so pumpkin fits unless it's plural as some of the answers are in this quiz.

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Fruits,Nuts And Veg. C/D 22 March

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