Scrabble 1353 In The Daily Telegraph On Saturday 16/01/21

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Albirder | 21:52 Sat 30th Jan 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The answer was given as COCKEYED scoring 36, I can only get it to score 31.
Any ideas


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I completely agree ! I sent my answer as CHOCOLATE - 32, which scores more than COCKEYED at 31. Do you still have the newspaper copy, I've misplaced mine and would love to review it again.
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Miss Pasko, Thanks I am not going mad. I no longer have the paper but I triple checked it, as did my partner and we both only got 31. I too saw chocolate scoring 32 (thought it too obvious). I did not bother submitting an answer as it wanted a score of 36. I have not seen the published result, I live on the Isles of Scilly and due to bad weather there have been no flights and hence no newspapers since last Friday. Hopefully four days papers will arrive tomorrow and I can see what it says in Saturdays Telegraph. I only knew they had said the answer was COCKEYED, because I emailed a Telegraph reader and he told me.
Good morning, Albirder. I hope your newspapers turn up and the weather isn't causing any other inconvenience.
The solution in the paper reads "Scrabble 1353 solution: COCKEYED at J6 down 36 points"
I have a photo of my solution on the board, but for the life of me I can't recall which letters I put down and what 7 letters were in the original rack. Also, did I place the pieces correctly? It would seem so if we both have the same score for COCKEYED and CHOCOLATE. I am going to find out who to contact at the Telegraph.
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Good Morning Miss Pasko,
I have found last Saturday's paper and the given letters in the rack were ECCOHOD you could put COCED round KEY already on the board making COCKEYED at J6 and EH at J12. The first C and the D in cockeyed were on triple word squares so 26 for cockeyed and 5 for eh giving a total of 31. Please let me know if you get a response from the Telegraph, Thanks
misspasko. contact at Telegraph:-
[email protected]
Question Author
Miss Pasko, thanks, I'll email the puzzles editor
Thank you dannyk13. And thank you Albirder - your information from the actual paper matches what I was guessing from working backwards. I wrote using a contact form when signed into the Telegraph website and if Albirder also writes for an explanation, it would sure put our minds at rest!
Hi again. I had the automated response from the contact form and then yesterday received a generic customer service response of "Thank you for your email. We will pass your comments onto the relevant department." I'll give it until next week before writing directly to the puzzle editor.
Question Author
Good afternoon Miss Pasko, I emailed the puzzles editor on Tuesday and am awaiting a response.
If you don't get a reply to your e-mail the telephone number is:-
0800 316 6977.
Howdy Albirder
I wrote again using the email address suggested by dannyk13, and had a reply. Apparently there was an acknowledgement of the error in last week's puzzle section. I missed that, it is not in the scrabble bit that I tear out! I hope you have been doing plenty more puzzles while enjoying the weather recently! Here is the explanation:

"We have checked this with our Scrabble compiler, and it seems that the board as printed was missing a letter 'D' in square I7, which would have added REDO (5 points) to the intended solution. Entries of COCKEYED (31 points) or CHOCOLATE (32 points) were marked correct for the prize draw."
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Thanks for that Miss Pasko, I didn't get a response to my email. I too didn't the error acknowledgement. I shal have to wait until Monday for today's (Saturday) puzzle as due to bad weather there is again no flying. One of the few disadvantages of living on Scilly.

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Scrabble 1353 In The Daily Telegraph On Saturday 16/01/21

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