St Mary's Parish Church Derby C/D 28 Feb

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granny grump | 21:32 Tue 26th Jan 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The answers are ditloids but no number of letters given
Please can you help?

15. M of the E U
26. D, F of S
62. G S for Q B
2. W D M a R
1085. D B M

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15 Member of the European Union
26 December, Feast of Stephen
2 Wrongs Dont Make a Right
^^^ If you think Captain2 is remarkably ill-informed about the current EU membership, please see the discussion here:
'62' suggested here
It was suggested (15 year's ago!) that '1085' might be a reference to the Domesday Book:

That would still leave the 'M' to be determined but perhaps "1085: Domesday Book made" would satisfy the question? (The Domesday Book was actually completed in 1086 but it was commissioned, and started, in 1085).
You beat me to it Chris = I had just found this reference

The Domesday survey is commissioned by King William I (the Conqueror),[1] apparently prompted by the abortive invasion of Canute IV, to ensure proper taxation and levies.
^^^^ I suggest the "M" stands for manuscript
Mentioned? Although it was probably in the pipeline from 66.
Question Author
Thank you all for your help and the explanations
Just seen this from last night. Thanks Chris for trying to give me the benefit of the doubt, but when I answered I thought '15' was the question number, not part of the clue - honest!
It was only afterwards I thought 'question 1085? wow that's a big quiz'


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St Mary's Parish Church Derby C/D 28 Feb

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