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seekeerz | 00:51 Mon 25th Jan 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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but today's results will be delayed, as Telegraph are still practising their 'stand-over; tactics and I can't access the Herculis puzzle ...RATS !!!

I'll try later in the day (after uk 9.00) and see if they've fixed it or we'll be waiting till someone posts the matches for me.


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Thanks Steff - we'll see how it goes come 9a.m (here) have a good day
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Thanks ducksie, still quite a way to go unless someone gets their paper !!
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After a 41d hot one yesterday, we've had the most glorious rain today, so I'm having a good one thanks.
Cant get today's answers to fit Saturdays.
16d,Water bird whose counterpart is the gander- (5) Goose
27d,Scots - dominant in Caledonian forests, the largest of Britrain's three native conifers.(4) Pine
29d.Shape of the puzzle devised by Erno Rubic in 1974 (4) ?
31a.Pattern of squares on gingham cloth or a chessboard (5)
I've matched the Goose with Foot and Pine with Apple but totally baffled by the remaininf two.
Sugar cube
Spot check
Doh got them - Sugar Cube & Spot check
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Thank you both, Danny and Jo - nothing for me for starters :((

I’ll post the results later this evening - my daughter is here for dinner tonight
surprise surprise, nobody went for goosefoot :-)

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