What's The Best Online Quiz Site?

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ToraToraTora | 19:51 Sat 23rd Jan 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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anyone do online quizzing? recommend a site?


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Can we have some clarification, please, TTT?

Are you looking for a site which provides you with quizzes or one that helps you find the answers to quizzes?

Assuming that it's the former of those two, are you interested in general knowledge quizzes or cryptic quizzes (or both)?
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I was watching the chaser road trip and anne said she was doing on line quizzing, I wondered what sites proper quizzers use to practice. ideally multiple choice. All the ones I found were just loaded with ads and seemed to be mainly about modern snowflake cultcha innit!
I found Sporcle a few years ago, and dip in and out regularly. They have a wide variety of quizzes, but they are timed so you've got to be accurate with your typing. You do get a `how to' guide to help you out.
Sorry Torra the web sites proper quizzers use to practice are kept secret from us 'normal' people.. actually they're not, but I've never come across 'the ones' pro quizzers use, not so far at least.. but I will keep looking! - I do know about where the serious quizzers go, maybe you could ask there? For making your own multiple choice quizzes something like Kahoot or similar.

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What's The Best Online Quiz Site?

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