Has Anyone Discovered What Ttfl Stands For In The Pcnh Quiz.

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RichT777 | 14:37 Sat 23rd Jan 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Has anyone discovered what TTFL stands for n the PCNH quiz.


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Is there a clue attached to it ?
If it's TTFN it stands for Ta-Ta For Now, a catchphrase popularised by the wartime comedian Tommy Handley.
We had aber ttfn .
What’s the PCNH quiz?
TTFN was the user name of a former ABer whose avatar was Ena Sharples.
I came across this in another puzzle a couple of weeks ago, and it stands for Ta Ta For Later, which I have never heard of before. It doesn't make much sense really.
from the quiz:
//8. T T F L (And be prepared to quarantine) ......//
By the way, it was in a Washington Post crossword puzzle so maybe it's just an "Americanism".
That's what I thought but I've never come across it. Probably connected with the term 'laters' meaning 'see you later'.
Given the large number and value of the prizes on offer it's certainly worth having a wild guess - that's what I have done.
//Probably connected with the term 'laters' meaning 'see you later'.//

Don't you mean "Seeyater"? :-)
That sounds suspiciously like Estuary English.
jackdaw, it's a quiz from West Sussex

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Has Anyone Discovered What Ttfl Stands For In The Pcnh Quiz.

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