Shelterbox Quiz [Please Do Not Look If You Do Not Wish To Know Any Answers]

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hops | 14:30 Wed 30th Dec 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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yes it maybe a little early to ask but I can honestly say that if I looked at the forthcoming questions from now until doomsday [whenever that is] I would be no wiser, I claim to be of average intelligence but I find these, what I deem to be cryptic questions unfathomable and therefore ask for your help on what is after all an answerbank site

all answers are bird names

[1] if they go, the country falls [5 letters]

[2]candle appendage? [7letters]

[3]is jenny's cousin a mythical creature [two words] first word 5 letters second word 4 letters I think the second word is wren.

[4] a cup for 12? [4 letters] this could be reverting back to question 12 whose clue was [john, see-sawing Margery's husband] so the answer here was jackdaw, on the other hand it may not be revering back to question 12

and finally,
[5] both these birds are known os flying rats, it just depends on where you are

the first answer has 4 letters and the second answer which I take to be pigeon has 6 letters

well there you are, something to get your teeth into on a cold frosty' stay at home' afternoon and in the words of ernie wise I hope you find these easier to solve than what I do


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hello, wildchild, these details have already been pointed out by myself and mamalynne[see all answers to date] and by the way there are still 44 answers left to solve and good luck with that, I will leave it up to others now to ask if they are stuck and I think some will be, either later or sooner. with this particular quiz as I have previously mentioned the lady that sets this quiz gave out £20 in prize money and only had £46 left for the charity so she deserves a lot more entrants, hopefully from people on this site, happy new year to all

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Shelterbox Quiz [Please Do Not Look If You Do Not Wish To Know Any Answers]

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