Pendleside Dingbats C/D 6Th Jan

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Maisie Doats | 15:43 Tue 29th Dec 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Need help with No. 28 . I think it may be Nine Ladies Dancing but struggling to account for all the letters.
A thick shaped X (maybe upside down ?) next to a small white rectangle.
Next to this are nine letter D’s forming a circle with the word Waltz in the middle.
So it makes ‘nine d’s dance in’ (nine –dies dancing) but cannot work out where to find the ‘la’ to make the word ladies. Or perhaps I’m totally on the wrong track. Help appreciated please.


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You are probably right - but totally different thinking
XBOX - Dance Central (or dance Revolution)
Question Author
Thank you JJ109 for prompt reply. Nice to know that I'm ok with the answer. I can now see that it's X Box and I've heard of that (good start!) but have no idea what Dance Cental or Revolution is, nor what connection it could have to XBox or nine ladies dancing. Please be patient with us old folk :)
I went with 9 Ladies dancing

Since its Christmas related, how would X Box fit in!!!
Question Author
My thoughts too Tuvok.
...and I also agree. I was just trying to explain the XBOX
and while you can't comprehend how to get "ladies" I can't see where the circle of D's come in for either
XBOX - Dance Central or the other video game
XBOX - Dance revolution
Video games given as presents at Xmas - very tenuous!

Therefore I think we are still looking for something different
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The worrying thing JJ is that no one else has posted a query on this which leads me to believe that it must be obviously easy. :(
The Ladies dancing bit is easy to get

waltz in the circle = waltz in = dancing

circle of Ds = 9 D's

I think the X and - don't mean 9 - I think this is where the LAY bit comes in. Lay as in lying

Thus 9 La(y)dies Dancing
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The setter is quite precise with his instructions - answer the dingbat, the whole dingbat and nothing but the dingbat - so the answer can only be what you see.
What I meant was the dingbat was lying down.

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