Honiton Library - Troublesome Trademarks - 12 January

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bluebell56 | 14:20 Tue 22nd Dec 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Is anyone doing this Logo Quiz? Stuck on the last three. I will try to explain them the best I can.
No.8 Black square background with what looks like 3 white columns/posts with a wavy line above them.
No.24 Blue background square. A yellow half sun (looks like the top half of the sun) with 3 sort of matchstick people. These are shadowed upside down below the yellow bit.
No. 39 Looks like a butcher/chef with a chef/butchers hat on. He is holding a knife and a long pronged fork what butchers use.
I appreciate it is hard to explain but anybody doing the quiz would see what I mean.
Do hope someone can help me as they are driving me potty!
Thank you.


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24 National Family Mediation

8 Temple Spa

39 Toby Carvery
Question Author
Thank you so much CorbyLoon. I am so grateful. I wouldn't have got any of those. Happy Christmas to you.
No problem and hope you have a Happy Christmas too.

Forgot to mention my getting a 50% share of any winnings...
Could anyone help me with a few?
Numbers 26,27,29,34,38 and 46.
I've tried reverse image search without any success.
I've got (26)Brittany Ferries. (27)Diners Club.(29)Birds Custard. (34)Travel Lodge. (38)Thorpe Park. (46)The North Face. I'm stuck on the following if anyone can help please. Nos 2,12,17,20,21&23. Many Thanks in advance.Eric.
Thanks ericsavory.
I've got 2 Electrolux, 12 Superdrug, 17Nandos 20,Admiral, 21 Mind 23 RSPB.
I've just realised I still haven't got 14.
Thanks very much Saintstim. (14) Hermes.

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Honiton Library - Troublesome Trademarks - 12 January

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