Sheffield Children's Hospital Christmas Songs & Carols C/D 6/01/21

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Peasblossom | 17:41 Tue 01st Dec 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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8) Frozen precipitation commences
36) 3 4 9 4 2 3 4
Any help gratefully appreciated


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36. The most wonderful time of the year

Can you help me with number 2 and 33 please
Question Author
2 have got
Hark the Herald angels sing
33 have just seen as
Nowell Nowell Nowell Nowell
Thank you straven
Thank you
Question Author
You're welcome
8. Snow is falling

Has anyone else got ‘What child is this’ as the answer to both 3 and 14?
Question Author
Thank you hellywelly4
Unusual, but not unknown, to have the same answer to different questions in a quiz. I suggest you contact the quiz setter for clarification.
hellywelly4. I have the same answer for 3 and 14 as well. I can't see any alternative answers.
Fibonacci and Bluebell I will contact the setter. I have enjoyed doing this quiz, good cause as well.
I’ve checked with the setter and no, they are not the same. I’m absolutely stumped now!
Perhaps if you gave the clues we might be able to help further.
3. What child is this?
14. Who is the child?
what is the letter count please
3 What offsrring abides
14 query regarding identity of descendant.
8. Frozen precipitation commences.
Snow is falling has been suggested but I can't find a song with that title. Shakin Stevens had a song that started with those lines but it is called Merry Christmas Everyone! Anyone know a better answer?
8 the snow begins to fall
Are they first lines of songs or titles? Snow is falling is the first line of Shakin Stevens (merry christmas everyone) but am not sure theres a song or hymn called snow is falling??
Well done,Mally.
yes well done mallyh and mexican - a was a bit behind
thankyou xx

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Sheffield Children's Hospital Christmas Songs & Carols C/D 6/01/21

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