Yorkshire Air Ambulance. What Could Be In Santa's Sack - 17 December

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Birdfeeder | 20:40 Mon 30th Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Seem to have hit a brick wall so help please.
24 stand about with intent for example (as spelt)
34 most minor effort to attain
35 very full working the afternoon shift
36 gently torment room girl
whinge and nag


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36 Tease-maid
24. linger ie
^^^ The apparent setter's errors for Q 24 are discussed here:
whinge and nag - whine
Question Author
thanks Captain2 that takes me back
35 Choco-late
35. choco lates
Question Author
thanks Sam1960 I thought of linger but couldn't think of an ending
Question Author
don't understand Buenchico can you explain please
'for example' is abbreviated as 'eg' but it looks like the setter has used 'ie' (that is) instead.
The setter seems to have confused 'loiter' and 'linger'. (The legal phrase is "loiter with intent", not "linger with intent").

He/she also seems to have mixed up 'e.g.' ("for example") and 'i.e.' ("that is").

Apart from that, there's nothing wrong with the clue ;-)
Birdfeeder, I think you are mixing the threads up.
34 is Trivial Pursuits as given by JollyRoger on the linked post (Mally's guess isn't correct (Youthdew)
24 Lingerieas
35 Chocolate
36 Tea's maid
39 Wine

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Yorkshire Air Ambulance. What Could Be In Santa's Sack - 17 December

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