2020 Winter Quiz Closing Date 10Th Januaery 2021

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madamzajj | 16:29 Mon 30th Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone please help struggling on these few questions?
All words contain 'X or 'ASS
1. Special wine at Christmas 7 letters
4. Lake formed by a bend in a River 5 letters
5. Ambassador's residence 7 letters
7. Collect, stockpile 5letters
8. Extreemely unpleasant. 9 letters
10. The Transmission 7 letters.


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Sorry answers should contain'0x or 'Ass in the answer
to the Winter quiz.

4, oxbow
5, embassy

7, amass
7 Amass
7 amass
10 Gearbox
1 wassail
8 Obnoxious
8. obnoxious
Question Author
Thank you everyone for your answers.
Corrections from madamzajj
Sorry should read as 'Ox or 'Ass in the answer

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2020 Winter Quiz Closing Date 10Th Januaery 2021

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