The K M Links Game - November 2020 Week 4 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 01:45 Mon 30th Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - not a bad one for a Monday, warm but not ridiculous, starts the week off nicely !!

And so does the scoring ...after a quiet couple of weeks, quite a little windfall -

Earl Grey
Ruby Red
Paint Brush
Post Code

The STAR TURN came from JOHNNY.5 who collected 6 points for three correct matches, closely followed by MOZZ71 who as the only selector for Ruby Red, collected the 2 bonus points and moved himself up with 5 points to a very nice little position ....but more of that later !!

Lots of 3 pointers, likewise single points, meant most people also change camps as the Leadere Board will show, but we have a little 'house keeping' to attend to, first, and this doesn't mean cleaning out the FFC rooms !!

December always presents something of a dilemma with the giant crossword falling in the middle of the month seems the newspaper version makes mention of a theme for this puzzle but as I only access this on line, I don't see this mentioned but i do have a suggestion.....

If the first player to read this in their paper could post said theme on my first post, the shaded clues, then I will start the game with all relevant information and we go from does that sound ??

Or if someone has a better idea and would like to post it, I'll be pleased to consider it.

Ok, now I'm off to type the results .....


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The final LEADER BOARD for November

10 points - jollyroger66 & Mozz71

8 points - Elliemay1, johnny.5 & Kawakiri

6 points - cliffyg, Lozzy, murraymints, petland & Sam1960.

5 points - aelmpvw, BeverleySA, brizzer, Elspeth, haras2, hellomummy, jillywiskas, Magyar, rockfordill, SharonA, Shazza H, & waterboatman.

4 points - angler57, Arksided, Candice Marie, Chiefpanda, emmie, fordward, Gill G, MargoTester, Patsy33, sadielady, Chris H, teacher1, toaster & Vera.

3 points - abi77, , Butterbun, Bugsy, danny,13, Fibonacci, hazlinny, JJ109, Joolz, Lady Jo, Lysander, masterchef, Rose Maybud, scorpiojo, & twix123.

2 points - Dickiedot, Jean G, jobjockey, Lady CG, mallyh, modeste, Muzz, owllady, roslyn 251254 & John, seekeerz, tearinghair & tonyav.

1 point - Buenchico, choux, jakep, karamia,
mamyalynne nabob, rowanwitch, Stephen G, wickedtongue & weecalf.

Congratulations to everyone !! By my calculations the club rooms are almost empty but I think we'll see an exodus when the eggnog and chocolates are handed around, especially if some are melted !!

Till then, stay safe, and Cheers, Steff

just wow

thank you Steffi

think I'll have to sit down
getting dizzy
i think i got 1 right..
though im not listed, oh
Question Author
Emmie - you scored 4 points for the month & your name is there, I just checked xx
sorry i was looking at 1 point, thanks
Nice one, Thanks Steff x
many thanks Steff xx
Well done jollyroger66 & Mozz71 on winning the month and to all the point scorers.

I'm happy with my four, after lucky escapes for months with one point.

Thank you Seekeerz.
I'm happy with my score :-)
Thanks Steff.
It's nice to have good company :-)

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The K M Links Game - November 2020 Week 4 And Final Results

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