Shrimper Trust Name The Song Title

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Blueshrimper | 17:54 Thu 26th Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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11. Jon Pertwee was 1st Dr to be found here (3,6)
23. By fair means or foul? (3,3,2,7)
76. A Eternal flame (5,2,1,5,4,5,4,3)
94. Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp ro Meryl Streep? (5,4)


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23 one way or another
76 Smiths There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
94 Harpo Movie Star
There was a song called Doctorin' The Tardis:
The Third Doctor stories were the first to be broadcast in colour.

Not sure if that helps or not.
Could be Doctorin The Tardis (based on a old Gary Glitter song ) but Jon Pertwee was the 3rd doctor to use the tardis wasnt it??
Sorry didnt see Mamyalynnes, for some reason it did'nt appear. She has given a good pointer there perhaps??
Cant see the answer tho. Jon Pertwee was first doctor who to be in colour & also first to find The Master but no songs spring to mind. Am wondering if first word might be Who but still cant think of anything. A wonder if Jon Pertwee was first to go to The Future (Lennard Cohen song) but all the others songs above were big 1970s/80s hits
11: Two Hearts?

Pertwee was the first Doctor to be revealed to have two hearts.

The wording of the clue casts some doubt though.
Probly is Two Hearts- seems to be the right era and a well known hit song. Maybe the clue has been slightly misstyped
Question Author
Sorry 11. should read -
Jon Pertwee was 1st Dr to be found with these (3,6)
so TWO HEARTS will be the answer.
Sorry again and thanks for help

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Shrimper Trust Name The Song Title

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