Chocolate Bars . C/D 31St Dec

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mrsmaggot | 16:42 Sun 22nd Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Struggling to finish a couple of these . Help would be appreciated.
1) Phobos and Deimos ( I know these are moons of Mars so is the answer just Mars?)
8) TV show from 1970- 1971 ( I thought about Bonanza , but it ran longer than those dates )
Thank you in advance


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8: Double Decker
I'd say yes for 1. Too specific to be Milkyway Galaxy etc.
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Just a wild thought that may or may not apply
1. They are moons of Mars, so not exactly Mars but "babies" of Mars, therefore something along the lines of

Mars Bite Size (or whatever they call their smaller version!)
I know this isn't a bar and that Moons are not strictly planets, but...

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Chocolate Bars . C/D 31St Dec

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