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Matakari | 16:10 Fri 13th Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Thanks, Roslyn and Neveracrossword, I'm still a bit lost.

40 (D) the synonym for "miss"? and answers for the following
now, please:
23 Heartless Maurice disrupted fructification (6) : VACUUM ?
39 Novice red with idealism indeed! (5) : ?H??A

3 Adult beetle atop climbing plant we love (7): M?O?E??


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23 Aecium?
23 I explained earlier how to get 23 - did you try that?

3 You have several letters wrong - the M and the O.

As you are struggling so much, the synonym for Miss is Lose.
Question Author
Thanks, Neveracrossword, yes I had URODELA, but somehow got
sidetracked! Am I right here?
Question Author
I now follow the "An anagram without the middle letter of a centre" in Maurice for 23...
Glad Cashier's answer enlightened you for 23.
3. Adorers - A Dor Ers.
Enjoy the rest of this, aided or unaided!
Question Author
Thanks, Neveracrossword, I was on my way to change
my answer for 3(D)...
Question Author
The last 3 clues with parsing, please, and then I shall be on my own
for the unclueds, thanks!

39 ( A ) Novice red with idealism indeed! (5) : ?H?LA

5 ( D ) Discharge by beak in Australia accepted by sheila (6) : OZ?E??
7( D ) Lager Ena spilt following powerful blast (8, two words):

7 Near gale anag lager ena
39 Chela (novice in Buddhism) Che ('Red with idealism') la (indeed)
Ozaena is discharge from the nostrils
Thanks, Matakari. Let us know if you manage ALL of the unclued entries...!
Question Author
Thanks, Scorpiojo! I should have some fun with the rest...will certainly let you know the outcome, Neveracrossword! Cheers!

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