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Matakari | 09:04 Fri 13th Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning! Stuck on the following and would appreciate some HINTS to get
me through. Thanks in advance!
12 Leper snubbed lethargic Arab (5): L????
23 Heartless Maurice disrupted fructification (6): ??C???
30 Drinks from chaps, maiden refused (4) : A?R?
39 Novice red with idealism indeed! (5) : ?H???
43 Police force from the East stands in square ( 5 ) : ?N???

3 Adult beetle atop climbing plant we love ( 7 ) : ??O?E??
19 Muddled theologian obstructs festival (5) : ??D?E
40 Miss Lambert is a rascal ( 5 ) : ????L


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23 An anagram without the middle letter of a centre - 'heartless...'

12. Your R is wrong. Just a five letter word for Men with the Maiden removed, leaving drinks.

3. The usual adult, a common crossword beetle and a climbing plant lead to an agent noun (plural). The definition is 'we love'.
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Thanks, Neveracrossword, I saw 3 but could not parse it. For 12(A), thre is no R, but L (If this is wrong, then my 4(D) for which I have ELDERBERRY is incorrect?
Sorry, Matakari - I got the numbering wrong. I said 12 when I meant 30, the wording in my post should have shown that.Elderberry is fine.
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Ok,Neveracrossword, any more hints for the others? Thanks!
Question Author
Great! 19 has fallen into place. Just hints for 12, 39, 40, 43 to go...Thanks !
Matakari you have a red bradfords is very useful for crosswords...
12. 4 letter synonym for lethagic missing its last letter + usual 2 letter abbrev for arab .... defn is leper
19 DD is the theologian often used in crosswords ...put it inside a festival. defn muddle
40 4 letter synonym for miss + L (lambert) defn rascal
43 usual east german police force
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Many thanks Roslyn251254, I do not have Bradford, but I do possess
Chambers which I had to leave behind in Crayford because of weight restrictions. Grateful for the hints. My 20(D) is now out ( 20 Slaughtering hectic
shah is wrong (10) I had :SCHECHINAH
it's just an anagram ...chambers word wizard is good for anagrams

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Spectator No 2483

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