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jm01 | 21:39 Wed 11th Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I wonder if any body can help me with these last few questions please

1, it sounds like the Hogwarts headmaster enjoyed a trip to the coast
6and 4 letters

2, this former power station now powers the imagination. 4 and 6 letters

3, you won’t find this museum in the artificial future. 7 and 7 letters

4, home to the Royal and ancient golf club. 2 and 7 letters I wondered if the answer to this one was ST ANDREWS

5, ? Castle, first name of the Lead actor in the film willow. 7 letters

6, you can “sail” away to this tower. 9 letters

7, essential for sewing. 7 letters

8, Admiral Nelson died below deck. 3 and 7 letters

Sorry it seems a lot of questions but there was 37 altogether and I have answered all the others but just stuck on these.

Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou in advance


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5 Warwick
21:43 Wed 11th Nov 2020
8 HMS Victory
7 needles ...isle of wight
7 needles
3 natural history
6 spinnaker tower portsmouth
2. Tate Modern
5 Warwick
5 warwick (davis)
5. Warwick
4 Yes
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Thank you so very much everybody you are all so quick very much appreciated

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