All Aboard C/D 30Th November

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Chloe55 | 14:36 Tue 10th Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Answers relate to ships or boats.

33. Warning by man on board - about the quarters of the crew?

I have one answer - Forecastle - but am not convinced. Any help would be great, thanks.


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I think forecastle is good
Fore! warning in golf
Castle a (chess)man on a (chess)board
Forecastle =where the crew are quartered
You shout fore in golf as a warning?
Maybe on board is a chess refrence- maybe a rook which looks like a castle?
Forecastle- Fore (warning-golf) + castle(chessman on board)
Yes, Fore! warning shouted in golf
Castle chess man on board (Rook)
agree with that too!
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Thank you all so much. I can now finish the quiz.

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All Aboard C/D 30Th November

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