The K M Links Game - October 2020 Week 5 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 00:56 Mon 02nd Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - and it's a glorious day here, sunny and warm, but heading for 32 tomorrow, then rain and miserable by Wednesday .....we can't win !!

As for the links - not too way out, all were found ( though I didn't )

Honey Moon
Spoon Bill
Stamp Duty
Nature Trail

And the STAR TURN for the week came from JOBJOCKEY who collected 6 points for three correct .....well done, sir !!

Lots of 3's and single points meant most people moved up the score board, as will be revealed shortly....and I've just realised that November is going to be a long month too.....5 lovely weekends to create havoc on the new score sheets.....well it looks like Christmas is going to be very quiet, if not cancelled altogether, so we need something to keep us occupied !! :))

Right, I'm off to start the scores, I'll be back soon ......


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Zero for me as usual Seekz, hey ho x
I matched your score this week Mamy.
I am at least consistent Mozz.
Question Author
The LEADER BOARD for the month of October....

10 points - Elspeth

9 points - Lysander

8 points - jobjockey, Magyar, MargoTester & Rose Maybud.

7 points - elliemay1 & jillywiskas.

6 points - angler57, dannyk13, haras2, Jean G, hellomummy, modeste, rockfordill & tearinghair.

5 points - Chiefpanda, Fibonacci & Muzz.

4 points - BeverleySA, Butterbun, ducksie, Lady Jo, masterchef, owllady, roslyn251254 & John, Sam1980 & twix123.

3 points - brizzer, Buenchico, cliffyg, jollyroger66, Mozz71, petland, seekerz, Shazza H, & teacher1.

2 points - aelmpvw, abi77, JJ109, johnny.5, Joolz, LadyCG, mallyh, Lozzy & Roberto, Patsy33, sadielady, scorpiojo & -SharonA-

1 point - Arksided, Candice Marie, choux, Dickiedot, emmie, fordward, Gill G, karamia, Kawakiri, murraymints, nabob, Chris H, tonyav & wickedtongue.

S Congratulations to all the points scorers, inspite of being a rather tough month, the Club rooms are almost empty ...I'll have to get in there before winter sets in, just to stock up on the essentials, can't have the stalwarts going hungry, thirsty or cold now, can we !!

Lovely to see some new 'faces' coming and staying but sad to realise some have vanished ...I hope not for good, till next time, stay safe, Cheers, Steff

My best for several weeks with two right. 5 points for the month
Congrats Elspeth, and Lysander too, also jobjockey with a late flourish, and thanks to Steff as always!
Thanks Rose perhaps L'd be better over
a shorter distance, February perhaps.
Thanks Rose Maybud for the good wishes. I was very lucky, put my answers in without too much thought as it was almost closing time yesterday. Perhaps first thoughts are the way to go.....? Best wishes to everyone in these uncertain times, thank goodness for seekeerz and the answer bank.
Question Author
Oh dear - I've done it again :(( November is not a long month, well not for us anyway .....only 4 Saturdays not 5 - sorry everyone !!
^You may have saved the world economy with the increased sales of pitchforks and lanterns.

Well done Elspeth on winning the month and to all the point scorers, better luck next time to the dimmies ;-)

Thank you SeekeerzXx
Question Author
Lanterns I understand, but pitchforks ?? What exactly should I do with them, Arky ?? The mind boggles !! Then again, I'd do anything for help the world economy so .....any hints ?? Xx
I meant as in the townsfolk (Planet) will be buying them and track you down, do to your error in the number of weeks ;-) Xx
Question Author
And chase me all the way to the ducking stool if they have any brains !! :)) xx

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The K M Links Game - October 2020 Week 5 And Final Results

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