Name That Animal Quiz C/D 30Th November 2020

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oxburgh2 | 19:41 Thu 29th Oct 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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17 We hear the cockney washes in this! 5 letters. 27 Spurious novice spice 5 letters. 31 Lion in fuzzy speed of sound with two points 9 Letters. 32 The wall in Paris 5 letters. 36 Sounds like uncle is a cannibal 8 letters.


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17 Bison - sounds like, so I'm told, basin
32 Le-mur straight translation.
36 anteater
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Thank you Captain2 and Toorak, missed one 16 Chuck silver cocktail 7 letters
16 warthog - anagram of throw ag
16 Warthog - anagram of 'throw' and 'ag' (silver.
27 Camel anag L + mace
31 Chameleon anag mach + Leo + E, N
31 chameleon
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Thank youToorak, Captain2, scorpiojo and aelmpvw.

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Name That Animal Quiz C/D 30Th November 2020

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