The Answers Have ‘She’ In Them

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JaneNS | 10:28 Thu 29th Oct 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi, can you help with the following;

1) Dirty (8)
2) A respected & admired person (13)
3) Mischievous activity (11)
4) Free from stains (11)
5) Doing a boring office job (9)
6) Wailing Irish spirit (7)

Many thanks in advance


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6 banshee
1 unwashed
6 - banshee
4 Unblemished
1 dishevel
3 shenanigans
4 unblemished
5 I thought penpushing but that's 10 letters
oops and doesn't have 'she' in! Ignore me....
3 shenanigans
5 penpusher? But that's a noun
'Chelle, could it not be penpusher then?
5 penpusher and 2 distinguished are the wrong tenses?
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That’s great, thanks everyone

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The Answers Have ‘She’ In Them

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