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owllady | 14:26 Tue 27th Oct 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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All answers are people, real or imaginary, who have some connection to William Shakespeare

10) Worked with both Obi - Wan Kenobis on film and also with the two SpiderMans (11,7)
21)One of the original members of the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (4,6,5,4)
28) A Steward of Stratford who had 3 children, he named 2 of them "William" and "Anne" (6,6)
35) Invited to be knighted at the coronation of King Charles I, but he refused the honour, preferring to pay a fine of 15 pounds instead (6,7)
41) He gave piggyback rides to a Prince a thousand times (6)

Thanks for any help


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28 Thomas Greene
Is 41 Yorick?
Agree with Yorick

// ‘He hath bore me on his back a thousand times [i.e. given the boy Hamlet many a piggyback ride]//
10) Christopher Plummer fits. He's definitely worked with Ewan McGregor, Alec Guinness and Andrew Garfield. I don't know about either of the other two Spider-Men. Plummer's done a lot of Shakespeare.
35: Thomas Russell

of Rushock, overseer of Shakespeare's will, was fined £15 under distraint of knighthood laws for failing to attend the coronation of Charles I

Just an add on to Christopher Plummer, the other Spider-Man was neither Tobey Maguire nor Tom Holland, but the 1970s version, played by Nicholas Hammond, who was Friedrich von Trapp in The Sound Of Music, alongside Mr Plummer.
I have Thomas Quiney for Q28 but can't find the children William & Anne for either him or Thomas Greene
//Thomas Greene. He was also one of Shakespeare's closest friends in Stratford, to judge by the surviving evidence. He was living in New Place in 1609 and possibly for some time before, and in his diary he refers affectionately to "my cosen Shakespeare" numerous times around 1614. Three of his children were born in Stratford, and he named two of them "William" and "Anne," most likely after Shakespeare and his wife.//
Thank you elliemay - I got the wrong Thomas Greene
Thecorbyloon- its a suprse to me but its diffrent for the first year a think. The rules say
//For example, if a worker starts employment part-way through a leave year, they will receive
1/12th of their full annual leave entitlement on their first day. After they have been inemployment for a full month, they receive another 1/12th of their full annual entitlement on thefirst day of the second month, and again on the first day of the third month, continuing to theend of the leave year. //
So do they got a full months worth of holiday straightaway on 28th Sep, then same again on 28 October and so on? Does my head in. Its why am a shelf stacker and trolly pusher not a penspusher in HR
You're welcome gg. Any ideas on 21?
Sorry elliemay I'm stuck on that one and also

57. He was responsible for significant changes to English Law including the presumption of "innocent until proven guilty" 7 11 4 2 10
59 Holds the Guinness World Record for highest budget for an advertising commercial ever produced 4 7 "3" 8
21 John Quincy Adams Ward
Sorry, omitted the connection.

There is a bronze sculpture of William Shakespeare by John Quincy Adams Ward, located in Central Park in Manhattan, New York. The statue was created in 1870 and unveiled in Central Park in 1872
59 is Baz Lurhmann, who also directed Romeo+Juliet (the ad was for Chanel)
(aka Mark Anthony Lurhrmann, no doubt named after the Shakespearean character...)
and spelt Luhrmann, not any of my other fake spellings
Thank you jno
Question Author
Many thanks to everyone.
I am missing
54) Adapted Williams design that had been executed by Peter
57) He was responsible for signing changes to English law, including the presumption of "innocent until proven guilty" (7,11,4,2,10). I have William Blackstone but can't get the rest.

Any help appreciated

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