The K M Links Game - October Week 4 Results

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seekeerz | 02:15 Mon 26th Oct 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - it's a lovely day but boy was it nippy early this morning - had to hunt out some woolly socks, no good running around with bare feet today !!

And now for the links - well that's another story ......

Root Stock
Blue Tooth
Hill Figure
Lime Stone

Oh dear .....out of some 60+ entries, three people managed to pick one each of the I, in my dictatorial manner have handed out points nilly willy to ANGLER57, DUCKSIE & ELSPETH so three points to each of you and needless to say, nobody selected Hill Figure !!

Without doubt, this is the lowest scoring game we've ever had, no reflections on any of us, we had just about every possible covered but ....????? Never mind, there's always next week !!


9 points - Lysander

8 points - Magyar

7 points - elliemay1, Elspeth & Rose Maybud

6 points - angler57, jillywiskas & modeste.

5 points - dannyk13, hellomummy, MargoTester, rockfordill & tearinghair.

4points - Butterbun, masterchef & twix123

And a special mention for haras2, who should have been acknowledged last week as one of the few who scored 3 points for her two correct matches xx

Congratulations to all the points scorers this week, one of the fastest scoring sessions I've ever had, hoping not to get another any time soon ....
Till next times, stay safe and take care, Cheers, Steff


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nil points for me, these are difficult..
Wow... I see what you mean... three of the four are completely reasonable, just that they all occurred in the same week. As for the fourth, I have just googled it to see what was listed, and I wouldn't care to speculate as to what was going through the mind when that was chosen ..... ;)

Thanks as always, Steff, have a good week.
That was an absolute stinker.
My goodness, get me, I was well planning on limestone, delighted I finally managed some points this month, thank you Steph :)
Can't remember the last time I got a point. :-(
These answers are getting more and more weirder, not your everyday 'lingo'.
Bluetooth is often used for handsfree driving and chatting on the phone Sharon, I'd often use that word
Question Author
Cheer up Sharon - you grabbed a point last week so you're out of the dog house - err club rooms, with a week left to go !!

Admittedly they were on the 'unusual' side, not in everyday usage, and we've had a couple of odd ones in the past, that just keeps us on our toes !!
Well done to the point scorers, were a bit tricky this week.

Mumble, grumble... well at least still a point from wk2.

Thank you SeekeerzXx
Well I’m blowed, thanks skz

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The K M Links Game - October Week 4 Results

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