What Can I Wear? 30/11/20. Chatteris Brownies.

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crumbs6 | 15:06 Sat 24th Oct 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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One question I am not sure about.

9. Express surprise after game. (6)

Any help is appreciated.


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Suggested 'puttee' but no one else here seems to agree with me. :D

I can live with that. 'putt' is an old card game btw.
What answer do you have, as quite a few others are still puzzling this one?
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I did see ‘ puttee’ answered, but am not sure,
will give it more thought, thank you.
could the answer be something as simple as bolero?
boler + o.
What about kim-on-o?

Kim - game of Kim in Kipling's book
On - after
O - surprise

Kimono might be a good possiblity.

(Brownies/Guides play "Kims Game" - not sure if its the one from the book.)

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What Can I Wear? 30/11/20. Chatteris Brownies.

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