Fao - The Km Players

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seekeerz | 00:44 Sat 24th Oct 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Here are today's shaded clues for you -

12a Underground edible part of a plant such as the wild carrot, parsnip, Jerusalem artichoke, burdock, salsify, sorrel, celeriac or horseradish [4]

42a Colour whose natural sources include azurite, cobalt, lapis lazuli, and the plants woad and indigo [4]

53a Social reformer and co-founder of the National Trust and was a key figure in the formation of Army Cadets [4]

30d Seed of a date, cherry peach or plum or any one of the counters in the game 'go' [5]


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Root Blue Hill Stone
00:46 Sat 24th Oct 2020



Thanks Steff and good evening all.

12a. Root

42a. Blue

53a. Hill

30d. Stone
Question Author
good morning folks :)) all very quick off the mark !!
How's things down there today Steff?

Much welcome rain here.
Well done, I didn't know the Army cadets answer.
Question Author
Hi 1ozzy - not much in the way of rain lately - they promise but then it nicks off to Melbourne!! Glad you’re getting some up your way :)

Hi tony - things ok with you ?
I'm ok thanks, Steff. Hope things are going well for you down there in Aus.
Question Author
Ok really, South Oz has been lucky things aren’t too bad here & most people are being sensible but I doubt I’ll see my daughter in Melbourne any too soon !!
Hope things get better with this covid stuff and lockdowns are lifted asap, Steff it's driving us all crazy. I know that the lockdown is easing ing in Victoria but the fear isn't.

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Fao - The Km Players

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