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Huff or Huffy
05:01 Thu 24th Sep 2020
crosswords but don't think its right
Huff or Huffy
^^ or Huffiness !
Huffing is a rule in draughts so huffiness looks good
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There aren't any 9-letter clues, but there's one with 4 letters ending with a double that could easily be Huff. My dictionary gives Huff as a noun e.g. when used in the expression 'In a huff', so that's almost certainly the answer. I'll confirm a bit later.
It’s an old draughts term where you are allowed to remove your opponent’s offending piece when they refuse to take out yours .
Question Author
Huff definitely fits - mouseymick will be along later with the details.
Huff ... 16,20,12,12 ..... X is 1 and J is 26
Definitely huff 16 across

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Grumpiness Exposed In Draughts

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