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rsvp | 10:23 Wed 23rd Sep 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Have got the other 95 answers but these five are giving me problems so need your help please. All beginning with the letter B...........1. It has been said people walk on theirs (5 letters) 2. They are usually associated with dogs and horses (9 letters) 3. Holiday town on the south coast of Dorset (8 letters) 4. Of a ball a dingle (5 letters) Thanks in advance and stay well


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3 Boscombe ?
2 iffy badminton ?
is 1 definitely walk on ,if it was walk IN it may be boots
4 Belle (dingle - Emmerdale)
1 could it be balls asin balls of your feet
2.Huntsmen ?
1 Balls? (of one's feet)
2. Foxhunts?
All begin with B, danny
Danny they have to begi with "B"
Doh, must learn to read.
I did think bloodhound, but doesn't fit.
^^Sorry bobbin, didn't see your answer there.
2: Bookmaker

but poor clue if so
1 Belly ( March on your stomach ) ??
Clue indicates a plural.
Yes. As I said - poor clue if so.
Question Author
So impressed with all the answers - thank you so, so much for taking the trouble to help me - think I'll go with question 1 balls and put in brackets (of their feet!) q 2. Bookmakers q3 Boscombe and q4 Belle - stay well everyone and thanks again.

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