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Slimogen | 19:17 Sat 12th Sep 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Clue is ‘No. 12‘

Number 12 in the quiz was ‘Definite article functions’ which gave the answer ‘The Works’. Not sure if that is relevant or not. Thought of ‘Elle’ as ‘L’ is the 12th letter of the alphabet, but it isn’t a well known retailer and all the others are.
Any ideas please?


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Question Author
Should be Retail Brand, not Outlet! Sorry!
The Works sounds fine.
Definite article=the
Question Author
Yes, I am confident about The Works. But I need an answer to the clue ‘No.12’

I just supplied what Q12 was in the quiz, and its answer, in case it was relevant.
Oh, sorry.
The Range?
Question Author
Not sure how you got The Range, could you please explain?
I expect you've heard of the expression 'the full works'. Well the full range means the same thing, but it was just a suggestion.
Question Author
Thanks! Yes, could be.
I like the logic but do The Range have their own brand? I have been trying to justify ellesse, a brand of sportswear, but I can't.
Google says yes it has it's own brand as well as known brands
Question Author
I had ‘Elle’ as a possibility. Given that some of the answers are supermarkets (Morrison’s and Waitrose) I think the title ‘brands’ is a bit misleading actually.
I like ‘The Range’ best so far.

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