Save The Children, Wisbech

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woodcote1 | 10:15 Mon 10th Aug 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Words with a connection to the 3 listed.
Has anyone got the same answer for 2 of the questions in this quiz?
37. rifle - long -free
100. mountain - free - kitchen
I can only think of range for both of these.
Any ideas please?


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Closing date?
Question Author
Sorry angie55 forgot to put it on. It's 23rd September. Plenty of time and I've still got lots more answers to find.
37 could be shot but range looks better.

100- not sure about kitchen range. I'll try to think of an alternative later
100 table? There's a Table mountain and kitchen table but not sure about free table (apart from in empty restaurant)
100 Country

Mountain country, free country, country kitchen
Both answers have to be 5 letters.
kitchen range looks ok to me

I had the same - perhaps contact Mr Spinks and ask him?

Then let us know.
Question Author
Thank you everyone. If I do manage to contact Mr. Spinks will let you know what he says.

Range for both looks good.
I Mr Spink's quizzes though I haven't started this one yet. There are quite often mistakes repetition, spelling, letter count etc. So could be the same link word.

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Save The Children, Wisbech

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