Rte Guide Crossword 33 Sunday August 9Th 2020

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chessaussie | 20:44 Sun 09th Aug 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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9ac im thinking posed plato likewise added aristotle for all they had in common 5/5 letters 5 down no answer leave a message then 2/3/4/letters 27 ac occasional copies id reorder 8 letters 10 ac tested behind closed doors 8 letters thank you


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27 Episodic anagram copies I'd
5. at the tone ?
great minds
10 screened
10a screened.
Please can you put each on a new line.
Is 'posed plato' part of the clue or just what you think the answer may be
it was what they thought the answer might be, ans is great minds
Newbie's first question, bit of slack required. :)))
Maybe, Captain- but chessaussi posted just like regular RTE poster chess used to post
maybe it is chess but they forgot the password or something and just added aussie to the name and rejoined
Good point FF and ducksie - I'd not made the connection.
If it is chess, I don't think she was trying to deceive anyone, I reckon it is a simple thing of she couldn't get in with her username she last used on Wednesday
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yes i am the same person had to change user name thanks all for your help a couple more 15ac and 24 down impartiality is key to their mentality 4/5 letters 1 down could be going with the flow at the same time 10 letters 3 down and 12 ac this is no quentin tarantino character ,but a deadly defoliant from apocalypse now 5/5 letters thanks again
12 Agent orange if5/6
12 Agent Green
15/24 Open minds
1 Concurrent
Question Author
thanks allfor your patience

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Rte Guide Crossword 33 Sunday August 9Th 2020

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