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bettyboop66 | 15:33 Tue 04th Aug 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Jimmy takes 30 minutes to paint 2 fence panels and shannon takes 25 mins to paint one, how long will it take the pair to paint a fence of 4 panels.

The answer is 37.5 minutes please explain how that works out


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In 150 mins jim does 10 and shannon does 6.
So that's 16 in total in 150 mins
So 8 take 75 mins and 4 takes 37.5 mins
after one minute, Jimmy has painted 1/15 of a panel and Shannon has painted 1/25, so each minute, they paint 1/15 + 1/25 = 8/75 of a panel between them. Divide 4 by 8/75 to get the time - 37.5 minutes
Did these help, betty. We got there by slightly different routes but got the same answer
You need to work out the combined rate of painting for the two, and use that to see how long painting at such a rate takes to finish the 4 panels. (Of course the answer would be different if both refuse to work on the same panel at the same time as someone else. Too many cooks, and all that.)

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Understand The Answer To The Mindbender In Todays Daily Mail

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