The K M Links Game - July2020 Week 4 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 02:50 Mon 27th Jul 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - Mad Monday here at Hq but slowly getting on top of it all and it might even turn into a half decent day once the fog has cleared - we've had more foggy days this Winter than I can remember ....weird weather again !!

I could say weird links as well, perhaps I'd better not as we at least found them all this week ....only just, though.


I decided to hand out two awards of Bonus Points - 2 extra points to both MALLYH and JEAN G for their individual selections of China Rose and Custard Apple, Desk Top was quite popular followed by a couple of Ship Wrecks to round out the game.

While there were more points scored than last week, a lot of us stayed right where we were, in what has been a very quiet month to say the least, and quite a few are staying out of the sunshine in the FFC club rooms - just as well I'm going on 'leave' next month !!

Now I must start on the Leader Board, and as my iPad is giving a first class job of imitating a snail I could be a while .......


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The LEADER BOARD for July.

7 points - seekeerz

6 points - dannyk13, Gill G & SharonA.

5 points - Candice Marie, jillywiskas, mallyh, John, Rose Maybud & twix123.

4 points - Abi77, Jean G, fordward, owllady & Patsy33.

3 points - BeverleySA, Buenchico, Bugsy, Butterbun, Chiefpanda, Fibonacci, rockfordill & wickedtongue.

2 points - aelmpvw, angler57, albaqwerty, baza, choux, cliffyg, haras2, JJ109, jollyroger66, Lady CG, Lysander, 'MargoTester, murraymints, petland, sadielady, Sam1960, ShazzaH, & tearinghair.

1 point - Arksided, Dickiedot, emmie, Elliemay1, Elspeth,
Kawakiri, Magyar, modeste, Mozz71, Muzz, nabob, roslyn251254, scorpiojo, teacher1 & tonyav.

So Congratulations to all the points scorers for July - not the easiest of months, but never mind, we all persevered (took me ages to spell that) and got there in the end, one way or another (myself by default I fear)
Trust I will see you all next week, till then stay safe, Cheers, Steff

Question Author
Ooops, I missed one from the list - weecalf, with 1 point, sorry mate. :))
thanks steff
Well done Seekeerz. Best wishes for the coming weeks Regards Lysander
Congratulations Steff and all the best for the coming weeks x
well done seekeerz
hopefully higher scores in august (a five week month)
yea! i got some points lol xx
Congratulations, thank you and best wishes, Steff. Do hope you'll be able to play once you're on the road to recovery :)

See you all next week!
Question Author
Thanks everyone - I'm actually hoping to be around quite a bit - plans have changed and i think I'll be able to put in the clues, etc on a Saturday and also the matches on the Monday if Rose or Margo could manage the actual scoring.

My op is now later in August and is now midweek instead of Monday which makes things easier for everyone, at least i hope so :))
Setting up the thread would be good, but we'll take each week as it comes x
Well done Seekeerz... (I've only just come back on since Saturday)
...and to all the point scorers. I seem to be just escaping on the final week lately with a point.

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The K M Links Game - July2020 Week 4 And Final Results

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