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bows13 | 22:41 Sat 18th Jul 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Anybody doing this quiz give me a few pointers.
12 name him it's an image ( found picture of wonton soup 02 pekingneses dog presume Peking noses is the 9 but can't work out rest.
26 you might want to sit this question out then put it behind you (7.7)
34 name her she does have a more famous sister it's an image (7.7)
57 event plans from 9 July to the 12 July 2020 in U.K. (
77 an amusing name for such a small pet in 2002 (3.4)
78 the rock doctor (7.9)
Each answer must contain a letter g and two s letters in any order but no more than one g and two ss thanks for any help


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The dog is Yakee A Dangerous Liaison (a winner at Cruft's)
34 Her sister was a member of Destiny's Child.
34 ?
From the setter for info only If you are using internet Q and A websites, please wait until 25st July, and ask for clues only
thank you smouse
34 is Solange Knowles
57 is Goodwood Festival Of Speed
Hi all,
I am the quiz setter, and I run the Spalding Gentlemen's Society Charity Quiz. Please be advised that the rules clearly state to give clues only to questions, and only from the 25th July, not any earlier please, and please THECORBYLOON, stop giving answers, it is unfair to all those that have spent the last few months in lockdown working on the quiz. It is very enjoyable to many people, so please do not spoil it for them.
Question Author
Hi all sorry you have got you in trouble sorry Dave I missed the date of not asking questions till last week of July I normally comply to setters wishes I have been working on it throughout lockdown and wanted some pointers to answers I had not managed to answer.
I'm sorry I am late coming on but have been on zoom in our church service as one of the leaders of the church. Once again my apologies I do enjoy your quiz regards jeff
LIVE4STOCK, this is a Q & A site and conditions about not asking for clues or answers from certain quizzes have no sway on this site.

I notice your avatar is that of the Society's logo and you're happy to use this site to publicize its quizzes.

If you want to benefit from the publicity given, you need to take the rough with the smooth and accept that I and others will continue to give clues or answers to any questions asked.

You are clearly doing the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society Charity Quiz, but you are not following the very simple rules written on the front page.
I cannot of course stop you from giving the answers, but ask you to please give only clues, simply giving the answer, undermines the spirit of this charity quiz.
Anyway, I am of course, very happy that you are doing this quiz, and I look forward to receiving your answer sheet, entry fee, and even a donation to our charity.
Kind regards,
The quizzes are always fun and a challenge too, however this circular discussion of whether to follow setters rules/guidelines will never end on here sadly Dave.

Wouldn't work on a sports pitch would it, you'd be off :-)

Happy quizzing all.
Are you doing the quiz THECORBYLOON?
No I'm not, I have never entered any online quizzes but there is a link to this quiz on the internet.

If giving answers encourages more folk to enter and donate an extra pound or two to your charity, is that not a bonus?
"If giving answers encourages more folk to enter and donate an extra pound or two to your charity, is that not a bonus? "

I would have thought that giving all the answers away would have the opposite effect.
Quizsetters have stopped doing quizzes because they were fed up with answers being given away so freely.

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Spalding Gentlemans Society 1/8

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