The Very Logical Prize Puzle 342

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Matakari | 16:03 Sun 28th Jun 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Answers with parsing would be appreciated for the following, please ! Thanks in advance!
1. Group of actors (hint) realise, unhappily, they are making plans unlikely to come to fruition. (7,2,3,3): C?S?A?S???H????
18, 19. Female cat meets novel sad end! Nae, that’s stale old news. (5,5,4): ??EEN?S???
36. …but think, good Father - to become a vagrant? (6,2,3,4): ??I?H?O?T?E?O??
5. Born to remake beds? Will do if necessary. (5,2): ??I????
8. Romp about with wife, and I’d die to be lean and tough in Glasgow. (9): ??G?I???E
18. Freshwater fish with feather over spine. (9): ??I??????


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1 castles in the air
1 castles in the air - cast & anagram of hint realise
Queen Anne's dead
5 needs be - nee & anagram of beds
Knight of the road
18 quill (feather) back (spine)
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Many thanks to all for the help!
Question Author
The last one to complete this puzzle, please!
21, 33 ac. Five-dollar bill to get beer that’s furthest from the pilot. (6)
Finale (furthest from the pilot show) = fin (slang for $5 bill) + ale (beer)
That one must have got double posted, answered here

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The Very Logical Prize Puzle 342

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