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Barbray | 01:15 Sun 07th Jun 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Which one of these words is the odd one out

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All the others are anagrams of Capitals of Countries.
I hate these sort of questions because there's often more than one answer which makes some sort of sense but only one answer that the questioner will accept as being correct!

All I can see out of that lot is that 'animal' is the only entry in the list which still spells a valid word ('lamina') when it's reversed. So that's certainly a possibility for being 'the odd one out' but, as I've indicated, it might not be what the questioner is actually looking for!
^^^ See what I mean?

Mamya's answer is obviously the one that's wanted but I still stand by mine as 'being valid' ;-)
You may well be right :-)
I'm sure that you are though, Mamya.

I'm rubbish at anagrams anyway. Even after you'd pointed out that, with the exception of 'shingle', they're all anagrams of capital cities, I've just had to use an anagram finder to get from 'animal' to 'Manila'; I simply couldn't see it!
Totally agree, Chico. These questions should always be phrased as - Which is the odd one out AND WHY?
I saw most straight away but had to check.

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