Hammond 2020 Literary Lockdown Quiz C/D 30 May 2020

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Tuvok | 14:34 Sun 10th May 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Got 5 to figure out to finish the quiz.

Of course I may have wrong answers elsewhere!

He was one of 6 kings and a priest from the Old Testament

70) r (this is q70 - sometimes the question number is part of the clue, other times its just a question number)

The French sea song from part of Italy

They go like the clappers

Type of Indian from the Americas

Answers I have left:

Rob Roy

The Chimes

The Merchant of Venice

Brave New World

Twelfth Night

This is the complete quiz


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type of indian.....brave new world
French song .mer chant of venice
Type of Indian (BRAVE) from the Americas (NEW WORLD)
clappers ...the chimes
They go like the clappers (THE CHIMES) clappers make the bells ring
You have gone wrong the first two on your list of questions are not in your list of answers.
Question Author
I did think Chimes.

I did get La Mer - but didn't spot Mer in Merchant!

As for brave - its been staring at me (initally went for las of the mohicans - but used that elsewhere!)
Question Author
Ok - so I have to find where Rob Roy and Twelfth Night go!

Back to my spreadsheet.......
NO 70 I think is middlemarch r is in the middle of March
Question Author

I can see where to swap it - that uses Twelfth Night.

Just have to find a new home for Rob Roy and thus answer to the 6 kings one.
The one of 6 kings etc..... George Eli ot
The answer to the kings one is not in your list.
Question Author
That works - straight swap with Rob Roy.

Finished (hopefully all right!)

Thanks all.

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Hammond 2020 Literary Lockdown Quiz C/D 30 May 2020

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