Young Lady’s Back For A Jailbird

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Dummyfluter | 10:26 Wed 15th Apr 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Young lady’s back for a jailbird


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Lag ( gal )
Am I the only person who is annoyed by this poster's habit of answering his own questions?
i'm not annoyed but i'm puzzled ...
Lag .. 18,21,3 ... Q is 8, S is 20.
Re: answering their own question, in the past I’ve been the first to answer and unsure how to proceed ... I’ve then posed the question and answered it to ‘get the ball rolling’. I’m not too good with IT either.
^ once you've answered your task is over ...

Question Author
I suffer from time lag !

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Young Lady’s Back For A Jailbird

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