Can You See The Wood For The Trees

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kaccey | 11:33 Tue 10th Mar 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Doing okay on this puzzle but am completely stuck on this one.

Woodland boundary of capital besieged by the enemy (10)

and this one, I have an answer for but cant fit it to the clue

Many a shipwreck provided thin, wooden strips for making boxes (5)


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spars - double definition - thin wooden strips and boxes (as in the sport)
11:43 Tue 10th Mar 2020
spars - double definition - thin wooden strips and boxes (as in the sport)
oops TIM berlin E
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Thought of Timberline but the only entry I can find shows it as 2 words
what is the theme ?
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Thank you, I have now found timberline and agree, now I can concentrate on the rest
I haven’t got a better answer but I’m far from convinced about 16 Spars. Spars are large pieces of wood -planks, masts etc, not thin wooden strips.
I think the second one is CHIPS
I agree that spars are not thin strips of wood!
C(100/many) + anagram/wreck of "Ship" = chips
Definition number 9 of "chip"
a thin strip of wood or straw used for making woven hats, baskets, etc
I can't find that definition, but it certainly fits!
Excellent JJ109, I think you’re right. I’m still struggling on three others:
22 Slope obscured the small trees (5)
28 Overcomes in debate, but there are strings attached (7)
89 Throw away high money on a horse. It helps to get a good tanning! (8, 3).

For 17 Recent pique affected the man in a dream (5, 6) I have Adam’s Needle but I’m not happy with it - can’t see what “recent” has to do with it.
Any ideas please?
17. This involves an anagram and the dream refers to a Midsummer Night's Dream
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17 is an anagram of recent liquid
22 is also an anagram
89 3 letter word for throw high plus a word for money plus a horse
Answer for 28 is given on another thread
Thank you so much Foxlee2 and Kaccey. Re 22, I thought the answer should be copse but the trigger word is slope not scope.
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Yes, anagram of slope
Well I'm struggling with an anagram of 'slope' (not doing the quiz by the way).
... unless 'poles' is meant to be 'small trees'
Defn 3 : Pole | Definition of Pole by › dictionary › pole
c : a long staff of wood, metal, or fiberglass used in the pole vault. 2 : a varying unit of length especially : one equal to a rod (16¹/₂ feet or about 5 meters) 3 : a tree with a breast-high diameter of from 4 to 12 inches (10 to 30 centimeters)
Thanks for that Elliemay - bit too tenuous to me though. :)))

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Can You See The Wood For The Trees

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