Nursery Rhyme Initial Letters

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Kelly061985 | 09:08 Tue 10th Mar 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please help - nursery rhyme initial letter quiz IPPDBAD is the name/first line of a nursery rhyme


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looked for ages and nothing
...I don't know that one, Mallyh. :-)
Question Author
I’ve been through my old nursery rhyme books, and scoured the web and still nothing
Inky Pink Ponky Daddy Bought A Donkey...
Sounds rude!!! Never heard of it!!!!
Inky pinky ponky
Daddy had a donkey
Donkey died
Daddy cried
Inky pinky ponky
Some versions have 'had' instead of 'bought' and some have 'Father' instead of 'Dad'
Well done, Natnnnick54!

That was a tricky one because there are so many slightly different versions of it. A quarter of a century ago a young friend of mine used to chant it almost incessantly but as "Inky dinky donky, Daddy bought a donkey". Google finds it as "Inky pinky ponky, Daddy had a donkey", "Inky binky bonkie, Daddy had a Donkey", ""Inky Pinky Ponky, Father Had a Donkey" and so on.

The ryhme turns up on Youtube videos of nursery rhymes, such as this one . .
. . . and in much stranger places too ;-)
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Thank you so much

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Nursery Rhyme Initial Letters

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