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Tuvok | 11:33 Fri 28th Feb 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I know I've asked these on other threads, but for clarity these are the ones I'm still stuck on

34. Name this country’s highest peak? (see image)

62. Name these three star sign constellations? (see image)
Been through my astronomy apps, and sent it to 2 friends, no luck yet! If I get at least one then I can remove it from the image and hopefully get the others!!

90. What two words connects WWII and a breakfast cereal?
I know that I'm looking for the name/model of an airplane to go with a cereal (red logo, Kellogs)

95. How much was 6666666 in GBP?
Totally stumped by this one

100. Where does a clock permanently show 4:10pm?
Have seen a clue - United Nations but as of yet no luck in solving that!



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Got the astronomy ones - but help would still be appreciated on the others
90 Say the answer out loud, and you'll get the female name for the second part of the plane...
^ if you Google, the same answer and a slightly different second part (name) will be listed for the plane.
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Arrgh- I was dropping the second part and looking for something related to Kellogs!!!!

Can you help with the others? Post has to be ready to leave here at 3.30pm! (But I've paid for the quiz, so will email it if necessary!)
Put the question into Google and scroll down the page a way.
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Saw that but never read it because of the subject heading!!!!!
Absolutely no idea about 100 :-(
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I'm just down to 34 and the dreaded 100!!!

Bound to be simple answers!!!!
Spalding Gentlemen’s Society Quiz Results

Another excellent result from our recent charity quiz. The total amount raised was £242.50.
Thank you to all those that sent in their answer sheet and fee,
and a special thank you to those people that added a little extra monies as a donation. Every penny goes to Society funds.
Two people shared first and second prize, they were:
C Chantler of Bath
J Baker of Chesterfield
The £5 random prize was won by L Golding of Ashford
Congratulations to all three entrants.
Many thanks,

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Spalding Gentlemen's Society C/d 1 March

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