Simply Instruments C/d 27/3/20

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owllady | 15:19 Sun 23rd Feb 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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2) Small glass container enclosed
21) A lucky shot changes drink
22) Graphic signs
27) Quadruple stairs lose a letter sound
31) Us gun headless old chicken salesman's pitch
32) Hasty and running primarily
41) Go on about incessantly ill light pull

Thanks for any help


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27 for ceps (steps)
32 H a r p
41 Harpsichord..harp, sick, chord.
31 Glockenspiel
31 glockenspiel
2 Violin...phial in
22 picks ?
21 Fulcrum?...fluke changed + rum?
I'm not sure about 32...
Looks good, although wants another p- word. I can't think of anything better yet xx
21 Flute (lucky shot) change the K to a T (drink)
Question Author
I think you are right for 32 scorpiojo (initial letters of sentence)
What do you think of Cymbals for 22 (symbols?)

Thank you all very much

^^fluke change the K to a T
27. forceps
22. cymbals
Cymbals looks good..ignore fulcrum :-)
Question Author
Sorry guys missed one.
30)Peaceful agreement Mr McKellar

Thanks for any help
Question Author
Thanks mamyalynne
Cymbals, better than picks, I think x

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Simply Instruments C/d 27/3/20

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