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Khandro | 17:12 Fri 21st Feb 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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In an article by a lady called Long Ling in the LRB she gives some questions (sans answers) from the test paper she & 200 hundred others sat for a positions of six places in the Chinese civil service. This is one of them - I'd never get the job, I can't figure it out at all but she did; can you?


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The answer is D. (But I don't want a place in the Chinese civil service.)
I also went with D
Question Author
Why? - the puzzle not the job
In the top row the feature in common is the 'mouth', in the bottom row the only feature in common is the 'eyes', thus D. Too simplistic??
That was my reasoning too. There are only two options with matching eyes and the missing one needs to be different from the others so that rules out b, leaving d
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Brilliant! perhaps that show how dumb I am ?

Reading on, - this is in translation, of course- she gives one which does have an answer which I doubt you would get (my clue; this is China)
" the 'Common Sense' section" she says, " the answer cannot be achieved by just common sense";

The essence of life is,

a. An organic combination of proteins, nucleic acids, sugars, lipids, water & inorganic salts.

b. A form of material movement.

c. Cells

d. A form of neural strength.
My 'd' was for the picture puzzle. I didn't scroll down. :-(
What was Long Ling's answer? Did she get the job?
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She got the job and says of this question; "You might be tempted by a, c or d, particularly of you think this is a question about biology, but the correct answer is b, because the question tests an understanding of the world according to Marxist philosophy. One Marxist doctrine states that the world is material & materials are moving. Life is material & it is moving, therefore life is a form of material movement."

Aren't you glad you don't live in China?

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Chinese Test Paper

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