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knittingnana | 10:10 Thu 06th Feb 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi just wondering, has anyone got the answers to M by PS and LFA by TP, not wanting answers
do I give up or carry on????

Many thanks


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Letter from America by The Proclaimers
Setter has requested no asking for answers on the internet Kettledrum and Knittingnana did say she didn't want the answers
I'm still looking for 25 as well.
Oxburgh, think of lucky charm you can wear for the song and bridges for the artist.
can't work your clue danny x
I found 2 that will fit the m by p s (by the same person )
or is it just groups
I'd plod on Knittingnana, am sure that's what most of us are doing.

There's always one stumper and this seems to be the one.
The person I am thinking of has a preference for a name to be called by.
Setter can request all they want, but folk will still ask and get replies.
Depends on whether you are the type to abide by the rules of the quizzes you enter - the only mistake Knittingnana made was to print the clues.

We know that's a red rag to some.
The OP requested 'no answers' but does that include hints?
I'm sure she'll say if so.

Questions were.

Has anyone got...

Do I give up or carry on...
My reply...

I have got one but not the other and I never give up until the deadline for posting and then await the answers.
Thank you dannyk13, will keep trying!
Just to answer you Dannyk13 and not to get into any argument it says on the quiz sheet PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR ANSWERS/CLUES ON THE INTERNET. . Maggiebee, Knittingnana only asked if anyone had answers not for any help at all

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