Sounds To Hurry To A Watering Place

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Robert9751 | 12:07 Sun 05th Jan 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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FLOWERS quiz, closing date 9th January

Happy New Year, all - help would be appreciated, all the answers are names of flowering plants:

The scamp I once saw is white
Bird on a railway branch
My Italian clogs have nothing in them

Many thanks


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microcos ......mio minus o and crocs shoes
18:56 Sun 05th Jan 2020
first one ..speedwell
1st Campion, in clue.
2nd Larkspur
2 Larkspur
my answer was for sounds to hurry to watering place
.mine are for the second group ..

How are you, mally?
thanks for asking things are beginning to feel better in left wrist ,right arm not so good ,boredom is the worse thing ,xx
I can imagine... but are you able to drink yet? ;-) xx
I replied but my answer has vanished ....I haven't drank since I fell xx
Are you still on morphine?
no I stopped taking it as it bunged me up so bad xx
I hope things improve soon..and that this is a happier year for you xx

(Sorry for the digression, Robert.)
thankyou xx
Question Author
Thanks, Guys for your quick responses - really grateful. I should have seen the hidden word - d'oh! Sorry to read you've been crock mallyh, hope you feel better soon.
thankyou xx
//My Italian clogs have nothing in them//
Has this been solved yet?
I have been looking for plants beginning mio which is me in Italian but nothing yet

Croc o s & Mia

microcos ......mio minus o and crocs shoes
Question Author
Wow, mallyh, that is brill! I was trying to make an anagram of Italian word for clogs plus o but getting nowhere! Obviously your brain power hasn't been effected by your accident. Take care! Xxx Bob

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Sounds To Hurry To A Watering Place

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