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browneyes99 | 19:28 Mon 21st Nov 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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please help the russian word for no

27 across

4 letters

the translation english to russian gives me a 3 letter word help please


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You were given an answer to this when you asked it before - was that answer wrong?

That was the answer that browneyes99 was given before pega! Why do you want to give the answer that somebody else has given?
hi browneyes Not sure why comments that was answered before, but have checked and see you had two answers I have checked in a dictionaries and I think could be nyet more than niet as mentions former as Russian and later as Dutch. I try and give answers if I can and will put nyet for my answer but perhaps someone will confirm ? what have you decided upon ?

No comments as to why you have asked this question twice browneyes99?

The russian word for no is HET (in cyrillic) - 3 letters

H=N T=T - simple

However the E has a y sound in front of it and can be transliterated either as IE or YE, giving 4 letters.

If the I or Y cannot be confirmed by another solution then it's a pure guess which they want.

thanks dzug that was why I throught niet but seems could be nyet , one look dictioary suggests this, as you say a guess what they accept
Y is probably more usual if it is a blind letter. The tranliteration is often Ye (upper/lower case) to show it's really one letter.
Do you see how you have wasted peoples time now, browneyes99? I tried to get people to see that your question had been answered and there was no need to reply but look what has happened since - and this is all because you had the cheek to ask the same question twice - I hope you are ashamed!!!!

Not at all, browneyes. You couldn't make sense of the answers you were given, so asked again. Maybe it would have been better to ask more clearly for an explanation rather than just reposting but I really can't see you were wrong to do so.

Glad to have helped.

Sorry dzug but that is nonsense - this person was given a perfectly good answer - and had NO NEED to waste people's time asking it again. The crossword clue was of four letters - he/she was given niet as an answer which is perfectly correct. What was in that answer which was wrong? NOTHING. And I have to ask how you think you have been of help to browneyes99? He/she already had the answer so you just wasted your time in replying to a question that should not have been asked.

Is it not strange too that browneyes99 has not even had the courtesy to thank the original posters or to come back and answer MY questions to him/her? Personally I think that tells a story - and you are making excuses for him when you have no idea whether that is true or not.

So come on browneyes99 - I have asked you a question - are you going to ignore me still?

niet is a correct answer (to the question of russian for no)

nyet is also a correct answer.

Not having seen the original crossword I've no way of seeing which one was required or whether it was ambiguous.

and njet is also a correct answer in yet another transliteration scheme - or even just net - but that's the wrong number of letters.

What you say is quite correct dzug - I have no arguments with that whatsoever. You agree that niet is an answer and that is the answer that browneyes99 was given when he/she asked the question the first time - and this is the whole point of my questioning why this person was asking the question for a second time - when you think about, this person is saying to the original contributer words to the effect of 'I do not like that answer - I will ignore it and ask the question again". When the answer given is perfectly right, that is just not acceptable.

I do not wish to take up any more of my time with this - especially as it seems pretty clear that browneyes99 is going to ignore my perfectly valid original question on this thread.


russian word for "no" is "nyet"

good luck from gse23

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